Physical Activity and its Effect on Health

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Physical Activity and the Body Physical activity has shown to significantly improve the body in various ways. By adding a daily 15 min routine people can experience one or more of these positive effects: Improves Mood – Recent studies have shown daily exercise to significantly improve mood in people diagnosed with depression. These same

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High Sodium Foods and Their Health Effect

Effects of Increased Dietary Sodium When skimming food labels sodium is often mistakenly overlooked. The negative effects associated with increased dietary sodium range in severity. Brain fog, body swelling, high blood pressure, kidney stones, stomach ulcers and many other conditions can be a result of increased sodium intake. Here are just a few unknowingly

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Weight Loss May Save Your Life

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Did you know that 69% of Americans are classified as being overweight, with 36% being obese? Added weight on the human body over time  can contribute to medical conditions, many of which are life threatening. Here are a few conditions most often associated with obesity. Heart Disease An average of 610,000 Americans die of heart

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