First Visit Forms


IV therapy patients are required to fill out a short form listing current symptoms, medical history, and medications. This will help our practitioner safely identify the best IV treatment for your needs.

IV Therapy Patient Registration Form


When you arrive for your first visit we will have you fill out a brief form that covers your medical health history and medications. One of our weight loss specialists will then review your history with you and decide which program will work best. We will obtain your height, weight and waist measurement to provide us a baseline for our goals. Our weight loss specialist will then review our program and specialize it according to your individual needs. We provide all medication necessary for the program on-site. New patient visits are between 30-45 minutes dependent on your goals and questions.

What can I expect during repeat visits at IRevive?

Return patient visits will be between 15-20 min at this time. We will review your personal progress and address any questions or obstacles.

Weight Loss Patient Registration Form


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