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Fibromyalgia Relief: IV Therapy & Myers Cocktail

Living With Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia, one of the most common chronic pain conditions, affects more than 10 million people in the …

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Migraine Headaches and IV Hydration Therapy

Migraine Headache Statistics Chances are you or someone you know suffers from one of the many types of migraine headaches. …

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Physical Activity and its Effect on Health

Physical Activity and the Body Physical activity has shown to significantly improve the body in various ways. By adding a …

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High Sodium Foods and Their Health Effect

Effects of Increased Dietary Sodium When skimming food labels sodium is often mistakenly overlooked. The negative effects associated with increased …

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Weight Loss May Save Your Life

Did you know that 69% of Americans are classified as being overweight, with 36% being obese? Added weight on the …

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Summer Weight Loss

Nashville weather has been out of control this year, regardless, summer and bathing suit season is right around the corner. …

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