Obesity Epidemic Taking Over Nashville

Nashville’s Obesity Epidemic

An alarming 68% of Nashville’s population is classified as being overweight or obese. This increasing number places Nashville and Tennessee into the top regions of the country struggling with the disease. The following statistics support a need for change:

  31% of the area’s population reports no physical activity within the last 30 days.
 15.8% of Davidson County adolescents are classified as being obese.
 41.3% of Nashvillian’s report drinking at least 1 soda per day.
 14.5% of children age 2-5 in Nashville are classified as obese.

These are a few of the concerning statistics associated with our area. These numbers are increasing yearly due to lack of education and resources in the area. As Nashvillian’s, we must take control and improve our community’s health and well-being.

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For additional information on obesity in Nashville – https://www.nashville.gov/Mayors-Office/Health.aspx

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