How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

Are you nervous about gaining all the weight back on vacation you worked so hard to lose?

Summer vacation weight gain is difficult to avoid. By following a few simple tips you can avoid significant weight gain while still relaxing and enjoying your break.

  • Portion Control – If eating out, most restaurants provide entrée’s that are larger than the suggested portion size for each meal. By avoiding the temptation to finish your plate you can help avoid extra calories and potential weight gain. More on Portion Control Here.
  • Enjoy Food in Moderation – It is important to avoid indulging just because you’re on vacation. Indulging will just lead to added weight and make it much harder to get back on track afterwards. Enjoy the foods you love, just in moderation.
  • Stay Active – Keeping your regular exercise routine while on vacation can be difficult. Try choosing activities that will boost your metabolism and keep you active. Taking the hotel stairs instead of the elevator is one simple way to keep your heart pumping and help you burn off any extra calories consumed. Here are some other tips for to stay active anywhere you go!
  • Stay Hydrated – It is important to stay hydrated especially on outdoor vacations or those with increased activity. Try to avoid sugary drinks or sodas that can potentially dehydrate you more. Make sure to consume at least 64 oz of water per day depending on your level of activity. Our body’s metabolism is also increased when we keep it well hydrated. See More Info on the benefits of consuming the daily recommended amount of water.
  • Take Snacks From Home – Packing your own snacks will decrease unhealthy airport or convenient store purchases. This in turn will help with impulse buys and the risk of unnecessary weight gain while on vacation. Remember, most solid foods are okay to bring on an Airplane but please do avoid bringing liquids and slowing down the security lines – You know who you are.
  • Watch Alcohol Consumption – Many alcoholic drinks contain extra sugars and syrups that are detrimental to our diet. Be careful not to waste calories on drinks that contain little to no nutritional value. Alcohol also dehydrates the body, decreasing the metabolism rate at which you burn off those dreaded calories.

Vacation weight gain does not have to be routine! Make sure you keep these simple tips in mind to stay happy and healthy on your summer vacations. You deserve it!

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