Why Drink Water?

“We hear it all the time, Drink water, it’s good for you! Do we know the reasons we should drink enough water and what function it plays on the body?

Drinking appropriate amounts of water can help to keep your energy level up. When we deplete ourselves of water our heart works over time to circulate blood through the body. The cells in our body also require enough water to function properly. Without water our bodies’ cells are not functioning at the highest level.

Water is needed to help the body with digestion. It is pulled from the body into the colon to assist in proper digestion of waste material. When we deplete our bodies from an adequate supply of water, our digestive tract will also be effected, resulting in constipation.

Drinking plenty of water can aid in weight loss. Studies show that those who drank sufficient amounts of water resulted in a decreased appetite.

Water also assists the body with metabolism and increases the amount of fat that is burned.

Water effects your mood. A recent research report showed that participants who drank more water had higher mood levels and less depression. Those that drank lower amounts of water also had decreased brain response and less ability to function and process information.

Water plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin. The cells in our tissue require water to keep elasticity. Drinking appropriate amounts of water daily can heal scars and decrease acne, resulting in younger looking skin and decreased wrinkles.

These are just a few benefits our body experiences when drinking enough water daily. To maintain the amount our body needs we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Continue to keep up the good work, your body will thank you!”

Jayme Rosenberger, FNP-C


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